Thursday, April 22, 2004

Welcome to my first real post of my first real personal/professional blog. I've actually posted once or twice here, but I had to work the kinks out of the system to get things going.

Again, welcome to my blog.

Some of you may recognize where the title of the blog comes from, if not, it's ok. It probably means that your not a geek like me, reading scientific books. The Invisible Dragon comes from the the chapter titled, "The Dragon in my Garage" in Carl Sagan's "The Demon-Haunted World". The chapter is about how we use evidence to interpret the world we see around us. It speaks to Occum's Razor. If a dragon is invisible, and there are no other ways to detect it, is it real? Who knows? The observer must decide what to base their reality on, faith, reason, or some mixture thereof.

Although, I'm writing under a pseudonym (mostly because I've never done it before), I'll give you some background about myself so that you can better interpret my reality. I am almost a Ph.D. astrophysicist (counting down the days). I teach at all levels. I'm a political junkie. And I'm a good ol' fashioned liberal. I'll be dealing with all three topics (science, education, and politics) and where they intersect, to hopefully bring you an interesting and unique view of the world. I'm also practicing my writing and getting some of my work out there for people to see. Hope you enjoy. Some day, maybe I'll even be like Atrios. He's my hero.


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