Thursday, June 24, 2004

I guess I'm worse than you thought, Makigirl. Here's my answers to your little survey:

1) Well, we've never won a game, so I think that's a big check for me.
2) I actually have used "postmodern" once or twice recently, so little check.
3) You got this one, half check.
4) Real bad, elimidate, hootie, Christina, Hillary Duff. I can't help myself. Big Check.
5) No
6) Swamp, yes, but atleast I'm not there with other hipsters. check.
7) I have cooked a vegan meal for 30. Half check.
8) Double edged sword here, I have too many Republican friends to refer to any one of them by party. No check.
9) I do complain about gentrification, but I've never lived in a fix-up neighborhood. Half check.
10) Negatory
11) No, can't say I know who those people are. But, maybe I'll look them up now, and be real hip.

Well, that puts me at 5 1/2 + checks. I'm halfway there. Good thing I don't wear glasses.



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