Thursday, June 24, 2004

Well it's probably of little comfort, hoagieboy, but I am on your side of course. Imagine if we stopped warehousing people in prison for petty offences, and instead used all that money for new schools, financial aid, etc.? How come no one ever "gets tough on education"? Shouldn't we be as worried about education as we are about terrorists? Somehow people need to start taking a holistic view of the nation/world. But is that possible when politicians have to worry about re-election every 4 years? Americans seem to have an ingrained "me me me" mentality that I am doubtful will ever change. Try suggesting non "me me me" policies and see how quickly people call you a communist.

Michael Moore was sort of talking about this today (while encouraging Canadians to vote for the Liberal party in the upcoming federal election): Here's the story.


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