Thursday, July 08, 2004

Go America!!!!!!

I shook hands with both John Kerry and John Edwards last night. I love them so much. When I heard Edwards speak it was amazing. In my heart of hearts, I know that in 23 years, I want to be doing what he does.

Interesting side note. We met a Kucinich supporter when we got out of the car, and then ran into him again as we were leaving. He was a decent person, and a good liberal, but certainly way more to the left than I am. He goes to war protests, and he buys into alot of the lefty conspiracies, like Fundy Christians linked to Israel, Halliburton, and Wellstone being murdered. He probably has it in him to not like Kerry/Edwards because they are too main stream. In another election he may have voted for Nader or just stayed home.

But none the less, he was still there last night standing up against Bush. He was able to get to the front of the rope line after the speeches and came face to face with John Edwards. He told me he thought about saying something very political like asking Edwards to support the Palestinians, but then thought better of it, because it wasn't the time or place. He shook Edwards' hand and asked him to 'not forget about the working man'. He said Edwards stopped, looked him in the eye, put his hand on his shoulder, and then promised our friend that he wasn't going to forget at all.

You can say that this little exchange is politically motivated, and that Edwards had to say what he did, but there's something more priceless here. By taking 1 second to listen, Edwards took this guy and made him emotionally a Democrat for life, regardless of what his policy thoughts might be. He touched this guy in a way that I find just beautiful. I love how politics can inspire people with a one second exchange. I love this stuff, and I love John Edwards.

I guess the only problem is that W does exactly the same thing for different people. It's why none of the protesters across the street from us looked rich That one emotional connection can overcome a whole lot of thought process.

Four More Months!!!!!!!!



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