Friday, July 16, 2004

Is bipartisanship the answer? Certainly I would say that it's great when people and organizations and political parties can work together. More gets done and less time is spent fighting and aggravating the other people. However, I think bipartisanship can lead to compromises that may not always be best. For example, maybe Democrats and Republicans could both compromise and agree that two men can be "united" in a civil union, but cannot be married. That would give the men many rights such as health insurance for their partner etc. But it would "preserve" the "sanctity" of marriage. That would be BETTER, in my opinion, than outlawing any sort of union between two men. However, I think what is BEST would be for them to have the right to get married just like a man and a woman can. Someone once told me that "best" is the enemy of "better." Maybe. But I would rather fight for what I think is best than just settle for a compromise.

However, if I now put myself in the place of a politician and the choice is something like "Republicans don't want to fund head-start programs for young children" and "Democrats want to fully fund head-start for three and four year olds" I could live with a compromise of "Let's fund head-start for four year olds."

I guess it's the difference between being idealistic and pragmatic. I used to look for a political leader who I agreed with on ALL issues. Now I just look for one I can agree with most of the time.

Ok, ready to hear your views.

-maki girl


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