Saturday, September 11, 2004

As makigirl knows, I've been practicing as a non-meat eater for the last week (I broke down on Thursday night and had meat at the Chinese buffet. I felt awful sick afterwards. The great cow-spirit was punishing me.)

So, why does this little factoid appear in the blog . . . Well, I was at the supermarket this evening, looking around for dinner. I managed to find a frozen vegetarian Indian dish. It was a little difficult to find, but I know what I'm looking for now. I bought some other staples like juice, fruit, and etc. Nothing was a meat product. In fact, I even bought a soy milkshake, because I was interested.

I go to check out with a basketful of non-meat products, and you ask once again why this is interesting. It's interesting, because normally, when you check out, the register prints out one of those little cupons for a product similar to one that you just purchased. I tend to throw them out, but at least I learn about another product, perhaps.

This time, however, they didn't print out a cupon. They printed out a little slip that asked me if I was getting enough protein. It continued, that if I wasn't, I should purchase any one of the numerous Tyson's Stuffed Chicken Breast Products (Cordon Blue, Brocoli and Cheese, or Kiev).

What, so now that I'm a vegetarian (excuse me, non-meat eater), I'm going to die? That sounds vaguely familiar. But this time it's not just random people around the astronomy department saying this, it's the goddang supermarket. And further, as if I'd want to get my meat based protien from processed and stuffed chicken breasts. I think I'd rather die from the lack of protien than the chemicals and fat in these products.

You know, it's tough enough trying to change my lifestyle without Ma Giant harping on me about my protein intake. I haven't told my parents yet for this very reason.

I'm astounded at how the corporate culture tries to control my life. At least they could have given me a stupid coupon.

Thanks but no thanks, Mr. Tyson. Suprisingly, my soy milkshake is tasting a bit better than Kiev chicken right now.



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