Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Back on the internet, my computer is officially fixed. It is so refreshing to have a computer that doesn't pop up error messages and constantly scream at me any more. I feel like doing work again.

I guess that's the main point of this post. Since I have nothing much better to do with myself during normal working hours, I'll be blogging regularly again. I think one of my main foci will be to write down my thoughts on the important bits of some of the books I've been reading. I've been using the library alot more, so I can't just access these books so easily anymore. Of course, if someone wants to buy me a whole lot of books. . .

I've also decided to give myself a challenge. I'm going to spend the next weeks (months. . . decades) reading the Feynman lectures. Do you know anyone who's actually read them? I certainly don't, even though every physicist/astronomer has them on their shelves. I think it will be very interesting to view Feynman in an educational sense as opposed to the brilliant scientist. I was reading his preface to the book, and it's a marvel of sexist, elitist thinking. But it was written in 1961 at Caltech, so what can you do?

So here's my upcoming projects (makigirl, you can advise and consent as you like):

1. The book on graduate school in the physical sciences (no, I haven't forgotten). I'm going to examine trends among the programs and then get to some interviews.

2. A study of the professional development experiences of new astronomy and physics faculty (you'll be getting a call about that one, makigirl).

3. A paper based on Makigirl's astronomy class, something to the effect of "Development of a deeper understanding of astronomy through the use of high level literacy skills".

4. Developing my ideas about teaching physics from big to small.

5. A proposal regarding, "Community based organizations as a solution to inner city science education improvement".

6. Becoming a teacher???? Who would have thought that?

I guess for an unemployed guy, I actually have alot to do.

Bust most importantly, my main goal for the next day is to root for John Kerry in tomorrow night's debate. He must, and he will wipe the floor with that repugnant idiot.

More tomorrow.



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