Sunday, September 12, 2004

Wow -- I had no idea the stupidity and misinformation regarding appropriate protein intake had percolated all the way down to the little coupon printer at the supermarket. I sure am glad that Tyson foods is so concerned about your protein intake that they would inform you on a little slip of paper. (That was sarcasm in case it went undetected.) I would be happier if Tyson foods was more concerned about the conditions on their chicken farms or the REAL health problems of Americans. Our society is completely brainwashed in terms of what you need and don't need in your diet. Of course, part of that is because of the strength of the Meat Board and the Milk Board and the Pork Producers of America and so on. Well, the recommended protein intake (for Americans) is up to double what is really nutrionally needed. And do you know what happens when you consume too much protein? It leaches the calcium right out of you. And then you get yucky things happening like osteoporosis. But people never wonder why so many people in Western countries have really terrible bones when they're old, and the Japanese, for example, are moving around just fine. Well hoagie boy, I'm proud of you for bravely going forward in your non-meat diet. It is frustrating when people (or coupon printers) try to tell you you won't be healthy. But you know better and your body knows better. Just make sure you're eating enough calories and a balanced diet and you're all set :) Or so I think. I WAS supposed to keel over a few years ago and I still seem to be kicking around!

- maki girl


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