Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Can't Wait to Celebrate This One

Ok, one last post before I go to bed. I clicked the "next blog" on the banner up above (just because I'm crazy), and I ended up on a "2nd Amendment Blog". Lots of fun.

Anyway, did you know that November 19th is National Ammo Day? Well, now you do, and you can go out and buy some implements of destruction (oops, I meant -- protection), and be a real 'Muric'n.

I was going to ask where these people come from, but then I realized that they actually come from our physics classes. All that talk of cannon balls and projectile motion is just too much for some people. They need some real hands on experience. Maybe you should have your class come up with a suitable activity for the day, Makigirl.


P.S. I guess I should comment that I made some minor alterations to the site design. Hope you like it.


At 3:11 PM, Blogger maki-girl said...

No kidding -- I thought this was a spoof, like from The Onion or something when I read it. Is this guy for real? Did you read he picked November 19th because that's his birthday?! How twisted is this? How about National Food Day where we buy food for people who don't have some?

- maki girl


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