Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Carrying T-shirts and Maps

Another posting with a title. I hope that you have fun coming up with titles now, Makigirl.

I spent the day volunteering in VA again. I ran some t-shirts and bumperstickers from one office to another, and then I drew maps for the canvassing to come on Saturday. I think the project that we're working on may have huge implications in the future of America. Supposedly, we've rounded up nearly 200 volunteers to head all over northern Virginia and talk to every last man, woman, child, and dog (sorry, cats don't have the vote in this country yet). If VA is to go for Kerry (and it still just might) it will be because of a huge democratic turnout in the DC area.

I'm supposed to pick up hundreds of signs from some old, rich lady tomorrow afternoon. I'm not quite sure why she has them (maybe she runs a print shop out of her mansion). She also told me that she has special conditions for their proper display. Sorry, but I don't rate high enough to make those decisions. But, whatever. If Lt. Kerry needs me to pick up signs from a strange lady, then I'll be picking up signs from a strange lady. Yessir.



At 3:10 PM, Blogger maki-girl said...

I am impressed! And I'm getting nervous as election day gets nearer. There is a busload of VT-ers heading to NH this weekend to canvass and so on. I am tempted to go but trying not to overcommit. The election is a big deal, but I don't want to botch my teaching that week (the Dean is observing me to consider me for reappointment ...)


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