Sunday, October 17, 2004

Here's a really exceptional post and discussion about health care from Daily Kos. The author did a good job of framing the question of who gets healthcare and who doesn't. I don't think that I've ever thought of the current system as a de facto rationing of healthcare, but I guess that's what it really is. The system is able to afford crazy technology and hyperfine specialization because it's able to charge a few people through the roof for access to it, while 45 million of us don't get to play at all. The basic healthcare that the 45 million of us could be getting is rationed over to the wealthy and insured so that they one more procedure or one more drug.

It makes me sick when I hear W on the debates talk negatively about the Canadian and European model. I'll say it again, I'd love rationed healthcare. Even at it's long waiting lines worst, it's better than the care I have now.


At 1:43 PM, Blogger maki-girl said...

I get so angry when Bush talks about how if we "give" everyone in the U.S. healthcare, we'll have to ration it and care will be substandard etc. Only someone who never had to worry about paying for healthcare can talk like that and the writer on Daily Kos makes that point really well.

What also gets me angry is the idea that importing drugs from Canada will "fix" our drug problem. 1.) Canada does not have enough drugs for the U.S. Remember, the population of Canada is about 30 MILLION people. I just read yesterday that there are 16 MILLION VIOXX users in the U.S. which is about half the entire Canadian population. 2.) Changing the laws in the U.S. to either lower drug costs or increase health coverage for the population is the way we should be going. Like someone said, the surgery not the band-aid.


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