Sunday, October 10, 2004

I know it's hard to go around knocking on doors -- you did great! And only one door-slam. That's not bad. I'm glad you're getting all involved. Ho Ho would be proud! (WHY is he called Ho Ho?) I feel better this time knowing what is going on with the election -- last time around (Gore/Bush) I was semi-aware but not following things very closely. I even settled down to read Howard Dean's new book last night about how to reinvigorate the Democratic Party. I fell asleep after the first few pages but that was not the book's fault. And, although I still will not be able to vote next time around, I would like to be more involved with elections next time. I am feeling too overwhelmed and uninformed about local issues right now to do much for the Democratic Party in Rutland ...

Which brings me to what I've been musing about. I asked a friend this week if he would like to watch the debate on Friday and he had not been planning on it but said he would since I wanted to. He said they don't usually watch politics in their house because he just yells at the TV and his wife can't be in the same room as George Bush's voice/face. Then he made a comment that "the Canadian" knows more about politics than he does, but that it's only because I haven't been here long enough to be sick of it yet.

Hmmmmm. I find that very often people find ways to excuse their own behaviour. Another comment I have been musing (I promise to stop using the word musing now) about -- the same couple made comments the other night that they could "never" become vegan because they just like cheese and milk chocolate "too much." As if all vegans just happen not to like the things they choose not to eat, therefore making it "easy" for them but excusing others. I am not saying I think they should go vegan, but to be honest about other people's reasons for making choices.

People are funny.

-maki girl


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