Saturday, October 09, 2004

I'm impressed Hoagieboy -- you have been busy! I enjoyed your debate commentary; only sorry you missed the "Anyone want some wood?" comment when your feed died. W is such a joke. You're right that Kerry looks much more presidential. (Is his middle initial really F?)

I'm also impressed by all your plans. You are inspiring and propelling me so tonight I'm going to set up the teaching blog where we can record things about my classes (for reference and future use). Maggie is helping me by sleeping on my lap and loudly purring/snoring. That walk today really tuckered her out!

I'm glad you haven't forgotten about your book! I really want to help with that. And, while you're thinking of research and things, don't forget I should have a whole class of pre-service non-science major teachers next semester. Hopefully 25 of them.

- maki girl


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