Friday, November 05, 2004

The American/Canadian Divide

It just keeps getting wider -- the social/moral distance between the U.S. and Canada. Two days after learning that more U.S. states have voted to take rights away from gays and lesbians, Saskatchewan had this announcement:

Sask. Court Approves Same Sex Marriage

Seven provinces or territories in Canada now legally allow same sex marriage. The provincial and federal governments are not contesting the ruling. The Supreme Court has upheld rulings permitting same sex marriage. Federal legislation has been drafted and referred to the Supreme Court that would allow same sex marriage nationwide.

Sure, there are some people and groups in Canada who are against this. But the government and courts are able to separate the church from the state and make decisions based on civil rights and not what the Bible says. And all this from a nation that does not have separation of church and state.

I was also very upset when hearing that ALL the ballot measures against same sex marriage in the U.S. passed. ALL of them? What are people so afraid of? They talk about protecting the sanctity of marriage. So a man and a woman getting married and divorced 60 days later, that's ok? Getting married multiple times, that's ok? But a man marrying a man, perhaps staying together for 50 years -- that's just wrong? I don't understand either and it's very disturbing. I do have quite a few gay, lesbian or bisexual friends and life is hard enough, with the meanness and cruelness of people in their every day lives, and now to be told they don't deserve to be able to get married?

Is this really where the country should be heading?

Why is it more important to stop gay people from getting married than ensuring all our children get to eat every day? That we're not bombing innocent civilians? That everyone who works full-time actually gets paid enough so they can have a place to live and three meals a day?


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