Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Fire and Brimstone

Wow! That is some fire and brimstone, and excellent food for thought. Canada, too, takes quite a lot of tax dollars from the "rich" provinces (Quebec, Ontario, BC) and redistributes them to the "poor" provinces (mostly the Maritimes.) Most people seem to think this is OK (including me) because we are caring for our fellow citizens etc etc and "sharing the wealth." I suppose the difference here is that the "poor" provinces know that these "transfer payments" happen and they are not foisting an idiot prime minister upon us.

Anyways, back to your words of wisdom, hoagie boy. I was disappointed in the Democrats for trying to please everyone. If you think something is right or think something is wrong, just say so. Either people will agree with your or disagree with you. If you try to qualify everything and try to pander to this group and that group, no one is going to think you're credible. (That's not to say that everything is black and white like W thinks.) I really think Howard Dean is right that people are ready for someone who is going to stand up for what they believe in -- freedom, dignity, democracy, responsibility -- and not be afraid to say things like, "Yes, I believe women have a choice when it comes to their bodies."' "Yes, I think it's ok to provide birth control." "I don't think any idiot should be allowed to have a gun." "Government control of social security is a good thing." Do you think Hillary Clinton can do all this four years from now?


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