Friday, November 05, 2004

It just gets scarier

I was just reading an op-ed piece by Maureen Dowd in The New York Times (carried in my local paper.) The whole piece is terrifying, but here are some highlights:

A Bush insider predicts about Bush after the election: "He'll be a lot more aggressive in Iraq now. He'll raze Fallujah if he has to." Didn't I just hear on the radio this morning that the U.S. now has an all-out assault on Fallujah? He sure didn't waste time.

Some tidbits about some of the newly elected Republicans are also frightening. For example, Tom Coburn who is a new senator from Oklahoma, advocates the death penalty for doctors who perform abortions. He also characterized his race for the senate as a choice between "good and evil." He finished up by nothing that he had heard that there was "rampant lesbianism" in Oklahoma schools.

Not to be outdone, James DeMint, a new senator from South Carolina, thinks we should ban gays from teaching in public schools. (Oh yeah, because we have such a surplus of teachers!) He also would like to ban unmarried women who live with their boyfriends from teaching.

Sigh. I also read an article by Richard Ostling from The Associated Press (again, in my local paper) about how the "Election reinforced religious divide." He concludes with a quote from Michael Cromartie who is said to be an expert on evangelicalism at the conservative Ethics and Public Policy Center: "All future political consultants are going to have to understand religious sensibilities as part of the resume."

How did the U.S. get to this state? No other countries seem so driven by religion, except of course for say Afghanistan. So religious fundamentalism guiding a country is BAD when it's not the Christian religion. But it's GOOD when it is the Christian religion. And it's REALLY BAD if you have no state religion and follow a version of communism like Cuba. These rules are very confusing. It almost seems like they were just made up willy-nilly to justify whatever people wanted to do in the first place. But people wouldn't be that dishonest, would they?


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