Thursday, November 11, 2004

Step Right Up!

Great! I am all with you, hoagie boy. And we have the perfect opportunity to try this out -- my physics/astronomy class for teachers! (Just in case you feel you have nothing to do on your sabbatical!) I have been wanting to structure at least part of it around "science in society" or whatever we want to call it. In fact, I even managed to find a book that is geared towards those sort of themes. Not that it's a GREAT book, but at least it's not the standard physics book. I really want the students to discover not just what role physics plays in our every day lives in terms of how "things" work or why "things" happen ... but how does science/doing science affect politics? the government? your diet? national stability? I want to make physics relevant, but also make it THEIRS. Not some dead white guy's "hypothesis" but "this is the way I found it to work."

Getting back to what MLK said -- it's really the same thing with scientists or the media or whatever. If we don't speak up about what really matters -- that the majority of the population thinks the apocalypse is coming, or that a man sleeping with another man is simply the end of humanity or that ensuring every child (no matter what color, religion, family income) has enough to eat is just too socialist/communist an idea ... we've got to speak up about these things! Somehow. Or else we are just as bad as they are. Except we have uglier kitchens.


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