Thursday, April 14, 2005

Truth Day

In response to a Florida High Schools students' participation in a "Day of Silence/Tolerance Promotion," a community pastor had this to say:

"If they go ahead with this," Franklin said, "We'll push for a Truth Day, a Jesus Day, so that students from a Christian persuasion can get together and talk about what they want to talk about."

Yeah, because Christians are just so freakin' oppressed in this country. There's not a church on nearly every street corner of every town. Christmas isn't a federal holiday. Schools don't give winter break around Christmas, and spring break around Easter. TV and radio stations are not allowed to broadcast religious messages. No President of the United States has ever been a practicing Christian. I feel really bad for those people. Gay people have it so much easier.

When are these charlatans going to stop pretending that every discussion of tolerance and diversity is a secret come on from the gay community? When are the papers going to stop facilitating hatred and stop printing what these charlatans have to say?

When are the rest of us (the majority of us) who believe in tolerance, who believe in liberty, who believe in America, going to start saying what we believe?


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