Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The 51st (and most evil) State

As seen in the last post, our previous random, disgruntled, Canadian commenter has, apparently, been hired as a writer for the NY Times.

Why now, of all times, to write a hit piece on Canada? WTF? Yeah, Martin's government is having some 'difficulties', but the tone of the piece seemed to me to imply that all Canadians are generally a bunch of hypocrites, and if given the chance they would probably sign up with Al Qaeda. Ok?

Really, though, if the MP representing jilted lovers hadn't switched (and really, what does that tell you about the conservative party in Canada, that one of it's founders would switch for a cabinet post, even knowing that her vote could bring down the government? Sounds like a sinking ship to me.) and Martin's government had gone down, it's not as if a new era of conservative dominance would have followed. The liberals are only being challenged by an even coalition of the bloq and conservatives. Are they forming a government sometime soon? I think not. The Liberals are the dominant party for the forseable future.

But instead of exploring the intracacies of Canadian government, the "World's Greatest Newspaper" would rather spend a few 1000 words taking our neighbors and best friend's down a notch or two. Now, if you had only gone to Iraq like our good little doggies the English. . .


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