Thursday, May 05, 2005

It Don't Matter if You're a Dem Sometimes

Stupidity seems to abound in Texas no matter what letter you put after your name.

Apparently, sexually suggestive cheerleading is the cause of teen pregnancy, drug use, drop-outism, and probably terorism too. Here's the text of the bill. Somehow, it seems that the State Commissioner of Education might have better things to do, rather than review dance performances and tattle on the lewd ones. Oh, maybe like making sure that less than 1/3 of Houston students don't fail the TAKS in reading and math next year.

Although, I guess if I were the State Commissioner of Education, this might become one of my favorite parts of the job.

To make matters worse, the bill was introduced by a Dem . Of course, there were three GOP co-sponsors on the bill. They aren't quoted, though. Leave it to the GOP to waste everyone's time, and then hide behind other people.


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