Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Oh Canada part 2

My apologies for just posting the link to the NY Times article about Canada earlier. I got a phone call right when I was starting the blog entry and I knew it would take a long time ... but I digress.

I have mixed feelings about this article. I do agree with you, hoagieboy, that it seems a little strange for the NY Times to now be writing a "hit piece" on Canada. At the same time, and as much as it pains me to say so, I think it is somewhat needed. Many Canadians (including me) go around talking about Canada as if it's the land of milk and honey (soymilk and molasses?) and convince most Americans that our nation really is superior to theirs in many ways. And the Americans take it all at face value because most (not you, hoagieboy) don't know anything about Canada. They don't know about this sponsorship scandal. They don't know about our terrible record with the First Nations Peoples. They might have heard about the seal hunt but they don't know what we're doing in Alberta with the oil sands. I think sometimes it is good to see the blemishes that other countries have. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean you can forget about all the good things coming out of Canada right now. Toronto is the most multi-cultural city in the world. I am not making this up. I really noticed this last time I was visiting my family and turned on the Toronto news and TV shows. Wow. Only in Hawai`i have I seen so much diversity on TV.

Is Canada going to hell in a handbasket? No. Could it improve? Yes. Should it still be a model for other nations? Absolutely.


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