Thursday, May 05, 2005

Speaking of Wasting Everyone's Time

In Kansas, their having their hearings on Evolution this week. How exactly are three uneducated school board members supposed to decide the validity of a complex and detailed theory?

They aren't. They're just going to sit and listen, and then cut evolution from the standards anyway. Real scientists, they are.

I like this little bio:

Kathy Martin, member of the Board of Education. Martin, of Clay Center, is a former teacher. She said she accepts microevolution, or small changes within a species, but not macroevolution, or changes that create new species.

I'm glad that she really does have an open mind, accepting microevolution and all. I'm glad that she has the background to make such a distinction. I'm glad that she has the audacity to say such a stupid thing. I'm glad that Kansas voters could give a shit about who represents them.


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