Tuesday, June 14, 2005

American Greatness

A good post at mydd about American greatness.

And here is the text of Senator Obama's commencement speech. The passage I like the best isn't one of the sexy quotes. It is this:

All of that is possible but none of it will come easy. Every one of us is going to have to work more, read more, train more, think more. We will have to slough off some bad habits—like driving gas guzzlers that weaken our economy and feed our enemies abroad. Our children will have to turn off the TV set once in a while and put away the video games and start hitting the books. We’ll have to reform institutions, like our public schools, that were designed for an earlier time.

I want an America I can work for. I don't want to be done. I don't want to live in a country that's finished it's course. I want my country to continue to grow.

I feel like too much of the direction of this country lately, has been based on the idea that we are done. That we are as great as we will ever be. That we know the one true path. That we don't have to ask for service, because everything is already taken care of.

Yeah, we've done a lot of great things over the past 200 years, but there are so many more problems to solve (alot of them created by ourselves). Why would we ever think to call it quits now? Maybe that's why I'm a scientist. I think there always has to be a better question and a better explanation.

I'll link you to my favorite poem (again). I want to live in the America that yearns to be America.


At 8:31 PM, Blogger maki-girl said...

Well I can't talk about being American and what I would like "my" America to be, but after living here for 10 (!) years I can tell you what I see. I see I think what Obama was getting at ... people are COMFORTABLE and LAZY. It seems like it's too much "work" for people to protest something, or even read the paper to know what's going on out there. Why worry about what's happening in that "other" part of town when I have a comfortable home, hot pockets in the microwave, and 99 channels on TV to entertain me all night?

I don't understand when people stopped caring about other people, the land, the world. This is going to sound crazy but I am so tired of people telling me how NICE I am. (It happened again today.) I'm not that nice, I think I'm just normal, caring about my impact on those around me, and helping people out when I can.

I was reading today about how if we are in an unnatural situation long enough, it starts to seem like it's natural and we accept it as so. People seem to have accepted a society as "normal" that I think really isn't.

But that's another blog and not a comment so that's it for me for now.


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