Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Off to Hawaii!

Work can take you to the most interesting places sometimes.

A Happy Morning

I am really thankful that I was able to listen to NPR's coverage of the Space Shuttle's landing this morning. I was very giddy and emotional during my whole drive to work. I even clapped when the wheels touched down (but not too much as I was driving on the highway at the time).

One could say that my faith in the scientific endeavor of this country has been partially restored. But, the speed in which we are able to send up the next mission and our next space vehicle, will really speak to how committed we are to science and discovery.

It's nice to dream like a kid again.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cute Puppy

Pharyngula has the pictures of the puppy that was recently cloned by the South Koreans. And boy is he a cute one.

It's a great day for science and a sad day for America. How is it that the greatest research complex in the world (American universities) wasn't able to do this first? How is it that we let know-nothings hold back scientific progress in our country?

And yeah, there is a moral component to cloning - Notice that the researchers had to make over a thousand attempts before they had a puppy that lived. Snuppy had a sibling that died shortly after birth. Pretty sad. Imagine, though, if that sibling, or multiple siblings had lived with serious, but non-terminal genetic conditions. Who would take care of those puppies? But really, in the end, the researchers made a baby, a baby who is a different individual than the adult dog with whom he shares genetic information. It's not too different from what dogs all over the world do everyday.

Congratulations to Snuppy and his family.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A Bit Calmer

Here are two links related to my post from yesterday.

The first, Abortion Clinic Days is the diary of two people who work in abortion clinics ( via Dr. B.).

And the second is a new bilingual ezine on abortion called Our Truths (Nuestras Verdades). ( via feministing )

Both sites tell the stories of the real women who make real decisions everyday. They're definitely worth spending some time reading and reflecting.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Rot in Hell

The lovely Mrs. Hoagieboy calls me up at work a bit ago. She was very upset, and I was worried that something had gone wrong with her job. (Her office has some issues and isn't the most stable working environment in the world.)

Well, it turns out that she's actually upset about a patient. It seems that this patient recieved abnormal ultrasound results, and then later received abnormal chromosome results confirming that her baby had a severe condition. The patient wished to terminate her pregnancy, and went about setting up appointmets with her doctors. This was last week.

Today, however, Mrs. H. gets a call from this patient about how insurance will not cover her abortion, because guess what? She's second trimester. Mrs. H. didn't quite believe this, and offered to help the patient cut through the red tape. If there is anyone as persistent and resourceful as Mrs. H., I've never met her. If there is one person who can take on the insurance industry and bring themm to its knees, it's Mrs. H. Good results had to be on the way.

Unfortunately, the patient, being an employee of a certain government, simply can't get a late term abortion. She works for the wrong "company", Mrs. H or no Mrs. H. And that's why Mrs. H. called me up in tears.

How this is remotely just, fair, or even dare I say, Christian, I have no fucking clue.

From a purely economic standpoint, covering a few thousand for an abortion now would more than make up for the lost productivity and sick days in the future. And from a moral standpoint, well, I have no idea how an insurance company can say that this procedure isn't at the level of life threatening. This patient isn't asking for viagra or a face lift. She is in effect being required (not choosing) to spend the rest of her adult life caretaking for a child with a chromosome condition. Now, fine, many people have children with these types of conditions and lead wonderfully, happy lives. But this woman is more than competant enough to make the decision that she doesn't want her life to be that way. And more power to her.

And sorry, it's not her fault that the testing is only available or her doctor only refered her so late in her pregnancy that she can't get a first term abortion. This is complete garbage.

George Bush, I point my finger at you, you sanctimonious prick. You want a fucking culture of life? Then you take care of this child and it's mother. Because what you are doing is simiply horrible. Let this woman lead her life the way she wants to. Let her make her own decisions. Let her have her own pain. You don't know more than her. You aren't better than her. You're a simple fucking, fool, who got lucky to be born to the right family. Go home to Texas, or wherever you're really from, where you can't hurt anyone anymore.

Oh, and to the 50 million of you who voted for him. Go fuck yourselves.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Who Needs Education Schools?

I just read this article in the New York Times called "Who Needs Education Schools?"

It left me feeling very disturbed, especially the, "They really think they're going to die" part.

I'm interested in your thoughts.

Oh, and there's an Ed Trust quote in there.