Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cute Puppy

Pharyngula has the pictures of the puppy that was recently cloned by the South Koreans. And boy is he a cute one.

It's a great day for science and a sad day for America. How is it that the greatest research complex in the world (American universities) wasn't able to do this first? How is it that we let know-nothings hold back scientific progress in our country?

And yeah, there is a moral component to cloning - Notice that the researchers had to make over a thousand attempts before they had a puppy that lived. Snuppy had a sibling that died shortly after birth. Pretty sad. Imagine, though, if that sibling, or multiple siblings had lived with serious, but non-terminal genetic conditions. Who would take care of those puppies? But really, in the end, the researchers made a baby, a baby who is a different individual than the adult dog with whom he shares genetic information. It's not too different from what dogs all over the world do everyday.

Congratulations to Snuppy and his family.


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