Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Democatic Wing

I forgot to write about this the other day, but on Tuesday, I went to the Women's National Democratic Club to see Bill Lofy talk about his new book on Paul Wellstone. (You can buy the book here.

I had been interested in learning more about Paul Wellstone since that day I came home from work in November 2002 to the news of his plane crash. I had just been beginning to become seriously interested in the nuts and bolts of politics that year, and Wellstone's campaign was at the center of a lot of people's attention. Wellstone's reasoned, thoughtful stance against the war was inspirational to many of us lost in the woods of the disregarded left. Knowing that he had stood up for his core values, and that he was going to win re-election because of it made him a real hero. Democrats didn't lose in 2002 on election day. Democrats, along with all Americans, lost on the day that Paul Wellstone died.

Lofy gave an inside and touchingly personal account of Wellstone's life. Although much younger (Lofy was a staffer of Wellstone for most of his Senate career), Lofy seems to have gotten to know the Senator and his family very well. I was impressed with his speech and the power with which he carries Wellstone's message. (Lofy is the communications director at the Wellstone Action Center.) We certainly had a good time and left that evening proud to be Democrats and proud to carry on the tradition of Paul Wellstone.


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