Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Vegans Should Be Held to the Highest Standards

Makigirl sent me this article over the weekend, and I've been wanting to complain about it.

Where is it written in the Vegan/Vegitarian handbook that once you sign up for the cause, you must be 100% pure all the time? I don't remember hearing that when I took the Oath of Vegetarian Office.

I consider myself very much a vegetarian, and I've been one for a little over a year now. However, I ate meat last night. Mrs. H and I were at a favorite asian restaraunt in DC, and I decided to try some soup that had pork in it. If I were famous, though, the tabloids would probably running stories about it today, and calling me a effing hypocrite. The vast expanse of Middle America would be silently nodding their heads in line at the grocery store, and feel glad that in this land of individual liberty, all deviations are highlighted and harrassed until they are brought back to the norm.

I don't ever recall Andre 3000 ever telling me that I'm bad for eating animal derived products. I don't recall Andre 3000 ever sitting in judgement of the American people for their dietary choices. I don't recall Andre 3000 having the power to carry out those judgements even if he made them. I also don't really recall Andre 3000 being a "Famous Vegan" (although Makigirl may have told me once). I know Andre 3000 because he's a pretty decent rapper. That's why I don't quite find it "Baffling" (as the Arizona Republic puts it) that Andre 3000 likes to wear a wolf's tail. He can do whatever the hell he wants. It's not a fashion choice that I would make, but if he's comfortable with his actions, and he obtained the tail legally, then more power too him.

What I do find baffling is that the Arizona Republic would waste 1 kb of their hard drive on crap calling a vegan a hypocrite, when the biggest hypocrite of all continues to lie about outing undercover CIA agents, WMD's that have never been found, and a disaster relief effort that is a disaster in and of itself. Wouldn't that be a little more interesting and useful?


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