Monday, October 31, 2005

Sweet Honey

On Friday evening, the lovely Mrs. H. and I went out on the town to see Sweet Honey in the Rock. It was absolutely amazing. Their sound was incredible, their message was great, and they already even had a song about the indictments. What a great Fitzmas Day celebration.

You know, I spend alot of time during my day listening to garbage music, simply to get me through the hours. Some of it, I actually enjoy and do choose to listen to. But as I was experienceing the concert, I realized how sad it was that good music like that is never played on the radio, and how many people are never exposed to this type of music. Because if you were in that concert hall, there was no way not to feel moved.


At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Chris Lehmann said...

What is even more amazing is that the women of SHIR are truly wonderful people. I had the opportunity to teach the son of one of the women, and she was as wonderful and intelligent and vibrant as you would imagine from seeing her perform.


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