Thursday, November 17, 2005

Am I Losing Touch with the Girls?

Well, one could say I've never really had a touch with the girls, as I've never been much of a cassanova. However, here, I'm more specifically talking about Lorelai and Rory.

I've been a long time devotee of the show. It's hard to remember because it's been so long now, but I think I started watchin Episode 3 of season 1. I introduced the lovely Mrs. H. to the show. I've convinced many of my other female friends to watch the show. I've tried with my guy friends, but with not so much luck. Makigirl came to the show independantly, but I'm certain that my fervor has kept her much more entertained with the show than she would have been on her own.

The writing has always been entertaining and cute. I feel that it's the one show where the writers/actors are trying to rely on my intelligence to enjoy the show. Things are meant to fly by without me getting them, and I appreciate that. I also have to say that Gilmore has been a rite of passage for me. It was really the first show where I was more attracted to the older female character than the one nearly my age.

Unfortunately, my problem lately, is that I don't feel so connected with the show. There was a time when the lovely Mrs. H, Makigirl, and I would discuss for hours on end the relative merits of Rory's boyfriends. It really meant something (bad) to me that she would choose Jess over Dean. That was dumb and done purely for ratings, but it really mattered to me. I felt very older brotherish to Rory, and I didn't want to see her get hurt by that fool. Makigirl on the otherhand actually liked Jess. She has no taste. In all honesty, I didn't really like Dean either, but at least he was a reasonable guy. You see how much I could get into this, don't you.

Well, the other night, Rory and Lorelai were finally reunited after several months apart. It should have been touching. I should have cried. But I didn't. Maybe it was just because the lovely Mrs. H. was away, and I just wasn't as into it. But I think I just didn't care as much. And as cute as the writing was about Luke's new daughter, I just didn't feel it the way I used to.

The thrill is gone. I mean how long can you watch a tv show? Gilmore has already passed the Dawson line. Both shows started with sophomores in high school. Rory is now a year older than Dawson was when he dissappeared. Maybe I'm suffering from separation anxiety. Maybe I'm focusing on my own family now that I'm married. Maybe you just can write that well, that long.

I don't know, but I'm lamenting.

Here's to you, Stars Hollow.


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