Friday, January 20, 2006

An Exhibition of Makigirl's Teaching Prowess

Ok, so I've been working on the paper that Makigirl and I are creating from the poster we made last week at the AAS. In the astronomy ed world, there is something called the Astronomy Diagnostic Test that most people use to judge conceptual gains in an introductory class. I have my issues with it. Which probably would take to long to write about here. Anyway, the pictures represent the responses to one of the questions pre- and post-semester.

(SPOILER)The correct answer is the "red" response.(SPOILER)

As you can see, the students did improve, and improve well, which is a good thing as the structure of the Universe was a topic that she spent a good deal of time on. The sample size is small here (about 25 pre and a bit less post), but still a definite good result.

I'll put a few more up in the next few minutes.


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