Friday, January 20, 2006

Next Question

You know, I was thinking that I should probably post these over at the other class site, but since I'm logged in here already, I'll just stick to what I'm doing. Perhaps Makigirl will complain to me at somepoint.

Nonetheless, here is a slightly less "things up in the sky" and more of a "how do we do astronomy" question.

(SPOILER) The correct answer is the grey one (SPOILER)

As if I would be posting this data if the entire class got the answer wrong on the post test.

A solid minority of the class doesn't get the question right the first time around, but on the post-instruction assessment, they all get it. 100% right is a very good thing in my book (although again there's a few students missing from the pre-test). And it's good that they all went out of this class with this answer right. Putting telescopes on the tops of mountains and in space is one of the most important concepts to understanding why astronomers need to occasionally spend money. If all telescopes were at sea level, we wouldn't know 1/10th of what we do today. This question is about making good citizens.

And I was thinking further about the previous post. . . the instruction on the structure of the Universe occured early on in the semester, so it's really nice to see that the concepts stuck in the kids head's all the way through to the last week when they took this post-test.

One more set that I want to think about out loud.


At 12:49 AM, Blogger maki-girl said...

Wow! This one really surprises me, since not everyone got this question right one of their in-class tests. I'm glad to see that it finally stuck. (This topic was covered about half-way through the course.)

By the way, you can (and should) post data if there's something that the entire class got wrong! I can learn a lot from that!


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