Monday, January 30, 2006

A Weekend

Collecting some thoughts from the weekend...

Mrs. H.'s brother came to visit this weekend. That makes him my brother-in-law. As an only, I have to say that being married and having new family is weird enough, but having a new sibling is just very odd. I like him and enjoy hanging out with him, but there's all this family stuff too. I think it's been good for me being much closer (physically) to Mrs. H.'s family, since I'm forced to interact with them. If we didn't live here, I'd probably just consider them all a figment of my imagination.

He's considering a job in Baltimore, so he was looking for apartments with his girlfriend. We actually didn't spend alot of time with them, but we had two really good meals. On at Straits of Malaya and the other at Baci Vini. We had been to the first one before with Makigirl, so I was glad to go back. The second one had a great atmosphere, and the food was good and cheap. I had gnocci for 12 bucks (with a good Chianti for somewhat more). There's a more barish version upstairs called anzu, which I'd like to go to. I'm a sucker for "chic minimalist decor" and deep house night, even though most people don't expect that from me.

Speaking of which, Mrs. H. and I were out looking for sofa's on Sunday but couldn't find anything we liked. Furnature is very tough, I've decided. First of all, we don't neccisarily agree on style (she's more a traditionalist, see the last paragraph for me), and it seems like anything out there for less than several thousand is better than what I had in my dorm. Add to the fact that we wouldn't mind having a pull-out, and just forget about it. Of course, there's always IKEA, but is there only IKEA?

This weekend also marked the "one week left until the Steelers win the Superbowl" point. Check out this article for links to the best of Steeler songs. N.B. Stay the hell away from the "Here we go" song. It sucks to high heaven. Personally, I believe that it is the reason why the Steelers lost the championship game in '94 to the Chargers. How could anyone play well after listening to that song?


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