Thursday, February 23, 2006

19 Bazillion Birds Outside my Window

I guess spring is upon us soon. I'm happy about that. I know the cat running around outside in the parking lot looking up at all the birds is happy about it too.

I haven't been writing much lately, even though there is so much going on, like the Olympics. Although track is my favorite olympic sport, I think the winter games are so much better. One, there's alot more competition. The Americans, across the board, aren't simply far and away better than everyone else. Sure, there's particular events in the summer games that Americans aren't good at, but if you pick out a random sport in the summer, you're going to see an American medalist. I don't believe that's true in the winter, or at least it doesn't seem like it (Maybe I should spend some time looking at the statistics of that too.) And also, the games are just so much more exotic. Downhill and luging aren't something that I could just walk out my backdoor and do. I haven't ever snowboarded on a halfpipe, so it just seems that much more amazing when I see the olympians do it. I just really love it. I wish they went on for a couple more weeks.

BTW, Chad Hedrick needed to shut his trap this past week. Shani Davis beat him twice, end of story. It's not Shani's fault that Chad didn't win 5 gold medals. That's only Chad's fault. He needs to stop playing the victim here.

To tell you the truth, the only victim of the olympics were the people who had to suffer through the ice dancing commentary. I have to say that I enjoyed ice dancing this year more than ever before, but Dick Button needs to shut up even more than Chad Hedrick. All they did the whole time was complain about how bad people were doing. I understand that it's good to point out for the viewers at home how the judges will be making their decisions, but can you be a bit more negative? Also, going on and on about how the Israeli team wasn't dancing to Bolero as well as Torville and Dean was just sickening. Ok, T&D competed some 22 years ago. The skaters might not even been born then, and probably about 5% of the audience know who they are. Certainly T&D weren't skating in this olympics, so just shut up about it.

I'll now return to my documentation.


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