Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Super Steelers

I'm a bit slow in writing this, seeing how I am a Steeler fan and all, but now is my time to gloat. What a great game.

Ok, so it wasn't the greatest game ever, but the Steelers won the Super Bowl, and that makes it the greatest game I have ever witnessed. I never really believed that this would happen. They won when I was three. They lost when I was 19. But I didn't know if they'd ever make it back again. How amazing is that.

I didn't enjoy this game as much as I did the playoffs. I don't think they played anywhere near the same level that they did against Cincinnati, Indy, and Denver. The team that won those three games was one of the best that's played in a long time. Th team that won the Super Bowl was a better than average one that needed to be a bit lucky to get by. Sort of like New England the past few years. Still, they deserved the game. People have been complaining about the officiating, and it may not have been the best in the world, but the calls that were made were right by the letter of the rules. Frankly, Seattle only has themselves to blame for this one. They missed two field goals, and we're more confused than a highschool team at the end of the first half. If it had been 7-6 at half, the entire complexion of the game would have changed. But it wasn't. The Steelers won. Get over it.

The Bus is cool. He's Mrs. H.'s favorite player, so it's a shame that he's retiring now that she's just gotten into football. Probably Troy Paulomalu will be her next favorite, because he's easy to pick out on the field. And, he's pretty nice too.

Here's a set of pictures of Steeler fans for you to enjoy. I do enjoy being from that city.

(photo credit: Post Gazette - Lake Fong)


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