Thursday, March 23, 2006

More Basketball Coming This Way

While I'm waiting for my tooth to be pulled next Tuesday, I'll be watching some basketball this weekend. Here's who you should pick:

Duke vs. LSU - Duke's too good for this one. I don't like them. I never did. I'd love to see them lose, but Reddick and Williams are too much. I bow down to their superiority. Maybe next round I'll pick against them.

Texas vs. WVU - I like Texas. I've heard alot of talk recently that WVU is a tournament based team. They're meant to get hot and run 6 games. I see that, but I also have seen how cold they can get too. Pittsnoggle has been stopped before and I think he will be here again too. The rest of the team just isn't good enough. Go with the seeds here.

Memphis vs. Bradley - Bradley's on my shit list for beating Pitt, so I would tend to pick against them anyway, but Memphis is just way too good for this. I know they're the #1 team that most people are picking to lose, but there's too much talent and experience there. Go with the seeds again.

Gonzaga vs. UCLA - I've switched alot on this. I initially picked Gonzaga, but then I went to UCLA after Gonzaga came too close to Indiana. I'm going back again because I would like to trust my gut, and I think that UCLA was placed in too high of a seed. Gonzaga should win the most entertaining game of the night.

UConn vs. Washington - UConn will have no problem until the final 4.

GMU vs. Wichita st. - Alot of people around here are climbing aboard the GMU wagon. More power to them, and I'd love to see them win, but I don't think they're the better team here. They suprised a couple better teams, but now Wichita has had a week to scout. I think Wichita gets to go and lose to UConn.

Villinova vs. BC - BC was one of my picks to the final 4 when I first saw the bracket. Disreguard everything you've read above. I absolutely don't trust myself. I like Villinova here, because I like the 4 guard offense. I like Allen Ray. I like this team's drive. I also don't want to see my friend, the Villanova grad, cry all weekend. I think his engagement party will be much more entertaining if nova's still in the tournament.

Florida vs. G'town - This could be the most entertaining game of the weekend, or the most boring. G'town's been coming on alot lately, but I think they get stopped here. They play good defense and have that nifty offense, but I think that they don't shoot well enough and that Florida is too athletic.

Yes, I'm vanilla again. The only "upset" I picked was Gonzaga over UCLA. Sorry can't help it. I spent most of my youth picking wild upsets, and did it ever win me anything? No. So now I pick the man.

You may doubt that, but if you notice the picks that I made last week, 7/8 of my regional final teams are still around. So there.


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