Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Price of Grad School

The price of grad school is apparently one tooth. After having one of the most painfilled nights I've ever experienced on Monday, I went to the dentist and was informed that my molar is deteriorated enough that it needs to be pulled.

Now granted, I could have cut back on the sweet tea for the past couple years, but mostly I blame this on my lack of health insurance for a good chunk of 5 years. Something about the concept of preventative medicine makes me think that had I went to the dentist sometime during that time, I would have had a nice filling, but that I wouldn't have had to endure $1000's of dollars of surgury and reconstruction. I could have spent $100 bucks or so on the dentist back then, but I did need to eat and all. Oh well, I guess that's the type of economy this American life is based on.

Thank god for ibuprofen.


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