Monday, March 13, 2006

Senator Feingold, You Have My Vote!

I haven't written much about politics lately. I think I've just been overwhelmed and depressed about the whole situation. I mean, how much shit can W and his henchment pull and still get away with it? Yeah, his poll numbers are falling to record lows, but I'm very worried about the upcomming election. Congressional districts are gerrymandered, and incumbants are hard to beat.

I also haven't been overly swayed by the field of Democratic Presidential contenders. They're all better than the opposition, but no one has spoken to me yet the way that Dean was by late 2002. I've mostly been in support of John Edwards, because I love his Two Americas message so much, but Warner, Richardson, and Feingold have all sort of been hanging right around.

That is until this happened over the weekend. The illegal wiretapping done by the NSA and the administration needs to be investigated and punished. No one has been saying that, except for the lefty blogosphere. I haven't heard it at all on TV. But now, a promimant Senator is doing something about it. I say good deal. It's the right time to talk about these things. Attention needs to be kept on a President who broke the law. It's that simple.

Glenn Greenwald wrote a great pieces as to why this is so important right now. It is completely beyond my belief of how a President could have broken the law this blatently, and still has apologists for him. The members of Congress who still stand behind W on this matter have left their oaths of office behind. They leave the principals of America behind. If there is nothing so American as the ability to criticize and censure a President during a time of war, then I don't know what is. If he has done something wrong then it needs to be recognized and punished. W is not a king.

This may be a bit of craven political opportunism by Sen. Feingold to get people like me to jump on board. No one really thinks this is going to go anywhere. If we're lucky, it will come to a vote on the floor, but it will lose. Oh well. It's the process and the media that is driven the the story that count. Feingold is stating his values, and they are my values. I'm in his camp now. (Although, I will leave the door open for Johnny sunshine to come back if he starts talking similar things.)

I did notice in the transcript of Feingold's interview with Stephanopolus that he was asked why he wasn't bringing articles of impeachment. Well, duh, George, Feingold is a Senator. The House brings articles of impeachment, the Senate votes on them. Thus Feingold can't bring articles of impeachment, unless he gives up his seat and runs for a different one this full. Not likely. Also, a censure motion gets the votes on record in the Senate. A vote on impeachment would simply never come to the floor in the House.


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