Monday, March 13, 2006

Too Sore to Run Today

On a lovely Sunday afternoon, Ultimate Frisbee season began in the DC area. I'm playing in a coed-recreational league that is actually pretty intense. I hadn't played since last summer, so I was worried about being a bit rusty. But, it seemed that the running lately has done me well, as I played alot better than I expected. I have a tendancy to be a little tentative during the first couple games as I get used to the other players styles, but I was agressive this time, and really played my game. I scored 4 on the way to a 2 point win. I had a beautiful throw that should have went for a score, but it got dropped. Oh well. My defence was good, but my game legs aren't quite there yet (also my feet were killing me, becasue of new shoes).

I would say that I'm looking forward to next week's game, but I think it's going to be cold. No fun.


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